My first letter to you

To my dearest ________,

I am a very ordinary Hong Kong girl studying in Canada. Food, blogs, YouTube, shopping online, school, maths… that’s basically everything in my daily life. 
I am quite lifeless and so indifferent to nearly everything around me. I keep all my feelings in heart, feeling so embarrassed to share them with others, at least not face-to-face.

One day, I wanted to hide myself from the world so much that I registered for a new Facebook account, not even with my real name. I made a lot of net friends with that account. After all these years, I found out that sharing feelings with net friends is not a bad idea, that’s why I started blogging!

I am going to post whatever I want to, either in Chinese or English. Random thoughts, travel tips, shopping tips, blablabla… so see you again real soon!

Best Wishes,
To My Dearest